India Impressions 2003/04.

I have been asked recently which of my travel photos is the best. Actually I am not a good photographer and certainly not a professional one. My pictures are more documenting and less artistic. Still there are a lot of nice shots which I really like. Many of them are found in my blog articles, but I had a special picture in mind with children in Mumbai which I made in 2003. Since I spent so much time in India back then, I thought I might as well include even more of my nicest photographs in this blog post.

Both pictures are from a trip to Jaipur. And I had to pay for each of them. The first is just a classic cliche picture about India with snakes and turbans, the second is the miracle of the five-legged cow which is supposed to bring good luck to the owners.

An unforgettable trip to Ladakh. The Thiksey Monastery near the capital Leh and the mighty Chang La pass at an altitude of 5,360 meters.


The Golden Temple in Amritsar at dawn. I will never forget that place.

Celebrating Holi in Rajasthan.


Varkala Beach in Kerala.

Everyday life in Chandigarh. Two of my co-workers are getting married, our group of interns makes it into the local newspaper for Diwali, and one of the girls gets some henna on her hands.


The street children of Mumbai. They were not as friendly as they look. I actually wanted to take photographs of the area, but they just ran into my pictures, and asked for money afterwards. I gave them some rupees, but they demanded more and more, and more kids gathered. It was a bit difficult.


South Indian Thali. Not my favorite dish, but it looked damn well.


Me and a fake beard in front of the Red Fort in Delhi. I just bought the beard from a street vendor and thought it was hilarious.


Peeing mama and baby elephant in the Rajaji National Park in Northern India.


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